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Smart Listings is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product designed and built for an innovative property manager turned entrepreneur. Our client saw an opportunity to provide a well-designed, thoughtful search tool to medium sized landlords in order to market the features and amenities of their offerings to prospective tenants.

We worked closely with this innovator to design, deliver, test, and re-deliver a one-of-a-kind real-estate listing platform.


As a landlord, a Smart Listings customer is able to manage the rates, amenities, availability, listing specials, video, and photos of their properties and units via an intuitive admin interface.

This data is then used to populate a beautiful search page that prospective tenants can use to find their perfect rental. Landlords can embed this tool into their existing websites, or use a Smart Listings site as their primary online presence.

Before Sidecar

0 Listings


0 Leads

After Sidecar

250 Listings


1,300 Leads

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