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Fuel for your fire.

We’re a small team of developers and product strategists passionate about building and scaling game changing software. In the last year, our products attracted nearly 1.2 million users and generated over $10 million dollars in revenue for our clients.

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Plus Time

High school 'flex-time' scheduling application used by educators across the country. Tens of thousands of students sign in every day.

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Kennel Geek
CRM / Retail

The most intuitive cloud-based Kennel Management System. Designed and built by Sidecar, Kennel Geek is now a growing software business.

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Stealth Mode
Finance / Analytics

Financial services platform used on the trading floor of a major exchange. That's all we can say!

Smart Listings
Real Estate

Another software company, built with Sidecar. Smart Listings helps forward-thinking landlords market their properties.

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Online tool used by thousands of Indiana families to explore school options, find schools, and check eligibility for tuition assistance.

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Institute for Quality Education

A political Action Center to research regional policies and engage with local legislators via email, social media, and integrated voice dialing.

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Hydrating Humanity

A peer-to-peer fundraising platform for clean water projects in rural Kenya. Built pro bono, and available open source. Over $500,000 raised.

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Design & development assistance to build transportation demand management software and meet critical client deadlines.

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Over 275 schools use our innovative software to fundraise and manage millions of dollars annually in private education funding.

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Unapologetically lean. Fully committed.

We’re proud to offer world-class service from an affordable city and our very own coworking space (started by our founders and now home to 100+ freelancers and remote workers). Low overhead and an extensive professional network means eliminating typical project inefficiencies to complete your build quickly and less expensively.

Sidecar delivered San Francisco-quality software without any of the traditional agency headache. We’ll be back!

Matthew Anderson | Founder, Adproval

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